About this book

There is tons of information you can find about how to take your medication and obtain information about its dosage, side effects, and drug interactions from your pharmacist or the internet. You probably know the name of drugs your doctors prescribed, but do you really know if this medication is best for you or how it helps to treat your illness?

This book fills the gap between the general information you received from the pharmacist and technical information intended for the health professional. Now you can understand how drugs work in the body and identify the medicines prescribed by your doctors. It includes the 27 most common illnesses including the latest medication. It is easy for you and useful even for the pharmacology students.

Some questions people often asked after they read the prescription information sheet from the pharmacy or some reference about their medications.

"I'm taking phenelzine [Nardil] for depression, why doctor advised me not to eat cheese, avocados or even my favorite tofu?"

"Why are there good and bad cholesterols?"

“We both have hypertension, why my doctor prescribed me the beta-blocker and she has the alpha-blocker?”

Can someone tell me what anticholinergics are?”

- Not limited by FDA approved drugs
- Included the latest medical breakthroughs and medications
- Illustrations of drug mechanisms and its actions
- An easy-to-understand medications guide to the general public

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